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Welcome to the Bandcamp Sustainer-sphere! We are so excited to share this world with you for the 10th day of Christmas. Check out the content below for behind-the-scenes info, never-before-heard tracks, and the ways that you can support The OK Factor in our everyday entrepreneurial journey.  


Sustainer for a Day

This is what a typical weekly post to our Bandcamp Sustainers is like. Enjoy! 


Hello, friends!! 

We are writing to you this week from Olivia's living room - we just finished our Facebook Live video for the 9th Day of Christmas. If you didn't catch it live, go back and watch it on our FB page - we had a great time, AND, for the first time ever in her life, Olivia dropped her bow. :) This has been one insane week! We still have a few surprises left for the last few days of the 12 Days of Christmas, we spent a collective 3 hours at the post office on Monday mailing out all the Indiegogo Perks and pre-orders, and we're trying really hard to focus on Friday's shows and not be freaked out by our December schedule. It's all good, though. We love this crazy job :) 

A few updates for you this week: 

We're on MPR!! Wednesday at noon, MPR's Mike Pengra will air the in-studio interview and live performance on his show, Radio Heartland. Next week, Julie Amacher will air her interview with us on her show, New Classical Tracks. She mentioned that it will air several times next week and it will be archived - we'll share the link when it's available! We had a great time chatting with them about the new album! More on that below. 

Thursday is our performance debut at the Thursday Musical Concert Series held at MacPhail Center for Music. We are honored to be a part of this series, and it will be so fun to perform in the morning! The concert is at 10:30am - a different experience for us! 

Then, of course, the new album releases on Friday!! Our two release shows at The Warming House will be a blast - we can't wait to play these tunes for everyone! There are still seats available for the early show, but the late show is sold out. ...Can we just say that again? THE LATE SHOW IS SOLD OUT!! Now, the venue only seats 40, but still. We are proud and excited and so looking forward to finally getting this album out there. It's funny, we spent a good amount of our interviews with Mike and Julie talking about the album, and it was the first time we've reflected on the whole process of inception, recording, producing, etc. We love that this album reflects us, our sound, and how much we love the holiday season. We hope you guys will enjoy listening to it once it releases on Friday. Don't forget, you'll have full access to stream the album on the Bandcamp website and in the app! 

Also, we'll probably do a quick FB Live video for you before our first show at The Warming House, so tune in around 6:15pm this Friday in our Facebook Bandcamp Sustainers group (unless you'll be at the show!) and we'll say hello before we go on!

To send you off this week, we've uploaded a couple new rehearsal tracks, one from the studio and one from a free evening we had (what? a free evening?) back in October. We hope you enjoy, and we'll catch you next week after we release the album!! Wahoo!! 



sustainer For A Day exclusive tracks

On Studio Day 34 (not true, but it felt that way), we invited legendary singer/songwriter Ellis Delaney to join us on a Bob Dylan tune, 'Ring Them Bells.' After we finished tracking, we sat down at the piano for a few shenanigans, and our engineer caught this bit. Enjoy! 

Well, there's no way to really explain this one. We played a wedding way up north in MN, so we stayed overnight and took our instruments out for some post-celebration fun. Then, our friends came to join us and we ended up with this little ditty, featuring Chris Roberts on banjo. :) 

what is a bandcamp sustainer

All of our music is hosted on Bandcamp, a popular online platform for indie musicians to showcase their music and connect with listeners. We love Bandcamp because of its commitment to indie musicians like us, and the ability to both share our music and reach our audience in a unique way through a Bandcamp Subscription.

Instead of Subscribers, we have chosen to call our supporters Bandcamp Sustainers -- they are quite literally sustaining our career with their monthly financial support. At $10 a month, we offer weekly content that spans our current projects, what's coming up next for us, or our tour schedule, plus we upload tracks of our writing rehearsals, completed tunes we're tweaking, and jam sessions as exclusive Sustainer-Only content. 

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We're currently in the process of adding a Facebook group to the mix - Bandcamp is wonderful, but it's a little challenging to post photos and videos. To make this easier, we've created a Facebook group to host photos, live videos, and other media content for a more engaging experience.

Of course, there are other perks for our Sustainers aside from access to the community and the rehearsal recordings and jam sessions. Our favorite: Sustainers can download and listen to ALL OF OUR MUSIC without ever paying an extra cent. That's what this is all about, right? The music! :) We're talking about all of our albums, every Christmas tune we've ever recorded, and countless rehearsals and blooper reels. For free. Whenever you want. Sustainers also get 15% off any merch forever, so that's a good deal, too.

At the end of the year, we'll touch base with our current Sustainers to see how things are going for them and what improvements we can make. We truly value this community of folks who willingly share their time and money with us, giving us the gift of their support each month. 

If you're interested in learning more, check out our Bandcamp page below and see it for yourself!

Thanks for being a Sustainer for a Day!