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A New-Classical Crossover Duo




Wedding planning is a wonderful, exciting time, but every couple could use an extra hand with the details! Both recently married, Olivia and Karla know first hand the stresses of planning a wedding, and take great pride in their ability to ease the burden with customized music options. Whether you are interested in incorporating traditional wedding songs, some of your favorite sentimental covers, OK Factor originals – or all of these options! – Olivia and Karla would love to be a part of this special time in your life. 

parties & events

There's one thing Olivia and Karla love about performing - a good party! Private parties, corporate events, or business engagements all come with their own unique vibe and musical needs, so why not let The OK Factor provide the perfect ambiance for your next event? 

Contact The OK Factor directly for more information on rates and availability.  

House Shows

An intimate house show is the perfect way to experience The OK Factor's music. Unlike any other concert experience, the audience has a truly unique opportunity to engage with Olivia and Karla on a level that doesn't exist in larger venues. Contact The OK Factor directly for more information and availability.  

community outreach



The heart of The OK Factor's career is education - working with string students and musicians to explore the possibilities that lie within their instruments and musicianship. Games, group exploration, and performance Q&A's are just a few of the activities included in an OK Factor clinic. Olivia and Karla have produced workshops for grades K-5 as well as middle and high school, college, and adult students. 


Community Programming

Olivia and Karla enjoy visiting a variety of community spaces when they travel for performances, including senior living facilities, hospitals and hospice homes, libraries, and farmer's markets, to name a few. With just the two instruments, The OK Factor is very mobile, and their instrumental music fits in a surprising number of places - where could you see them in your community?


Educational Performances

The OK Factor truly values the experience of simply sharing their music and answering questions with students. They love spending time in schools and on campuses, sharing their experiences as musicians. Most recently, Olivia and Karla completed a three day residency at the College of St. Benedict, and spent the 2016-2017 school year as Minnesota Public Radio Class Notes Artists.



The OK Factor produces two distinct shows for large venues such as college campuses, performing arts centers, festivals, and community concert series. Featuring their original music and arrangements, these performances are striking - Olivia and Karla's unique music and playful banter will entertain and uplift your audiences night after night. 


Tiny Towns: America's Heartland In Music 

The OK Factor pairs their original music and familiar folk favorites with the stories of their travels throughout the Midwest, building their musical career. With narratives of success, failure, and pure passion, Olivia and Karla allow the audience to hear their own experiences played out musically, creating a uniquely individual yet universal atmosphere.

Have Yourself an OK Christmas

Join The OK Factor as they celebrate the holidays with traditional carols, seasonal songs, and original arrangements of holiday favorites. Enjoy the sounds of the season in a new and unique arrangement while you spend an evening immersed in the spirit of the holidays with your friends, family, and loved ones.