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community outreach


Country Manor Campus, St. Cloud

Country Manor Campus, St. Cloud


The OK Factor’s community outreach is a mix of what inspires them most: fun folk tunes, original music, and the stories from their journey as musicians. They are passionate about creating an experience that will inspire and encourage communities to explore music - to cultivate a curiosity about its role in their lives.

Olivia and Karla thrive on spending time in virtually any community setting. From senior living communities to discussion groups, local watering holes, VA hospitals and hospice care facilities, Olivia and Karla enjoy seeking out additional opportunities to meet members of the community where they are.

Olivia and Karla want to craft something that uniquely fits your community members and their interests. They share their joy and love for music in many ways, including performances, question and answer sessions, and jam sessions all in single or multi-day residencies. 

Download The OK Factor's Residency Programming Booklet for more details.


College of St. Benedict and St. John's University | St. Joseph, MN

Three day residency: senior living communities, hospice care, VA hospital, culminating final performance

The Grand Theater | Wausau, WI

Two day residency: senior living communities, Wausau West High School, pop-up concert, culminating final performance

Luther College | Decorah, IA

Two week  residency: John Cline Elementary, Carrie Lee Elementary, Decorah Middle School, Decorah High School

Champlin Park High School | Champlin, MN

Four student orchestra workshops, collaborative final performance