you make our music happen

The OK Factor wouldn't be possible without the generous support of friends and family who encourage and support the mission of our duo. It is an incredible gift to have a community of people who directly impact our success through a financial donation of $10/month. 

Becoming a Bandcamp Sustainer doesn't mean that you're giving us money without anything in return. On the contrary! We love that we can give our Bandcamp Sustainers full access to all of our music, discounts on merchandise, seasonal gifts, and live-streamed concerts. Along with these and many more incentives, we hope you understand the serious impact you will make in our career by becoming a Sustainer. You're truly allowing us to pursue every avenue our music might take us down including traveling, publishing, educational outreach, grant-writing, touring, and more. 



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First and foremost, the biggest incentive to become a Sustainer is the music. You'll receive of our albums, including our latest release, 'That's Enough of That,' plus Sustainer exclusive tracks (including this year's #MusicMonday holiday tracks), live audio of our rehearsals, new tunes, and behind-the-scenes footage. Download or stream online and through the Bandcamp app. 



Technology is so cool, you guys. Even if you're not at a show, we often live-stream our concerts for our Sustainers! Concert Window allows you and people all over the world to view our shows, whether we're at a large venue or right in our own living room. We have so much fun with these concerts! 

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One of our favorite parts about our Bandcamp Sustainers is the feedback we get. Sustainers tell us what they like, what they want to see more of, where they think we should play. We've never had this kind of immediate feedback before, and it's really helpful for us to know we have this group of people who have our back, who really believe in our music, and who want to continue to see us succeed. The only way we can do that is with your help!