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Love, The OK Factor — Lullabies & Love Songs is a lighthearted collection of cover songs and original arrangements, and the newest release from The OK Factor.

As with everything The OK Factor does, the meaning behind Love, The OK Factor is wrapped up in more than just another project. Karla welcomed a new baby niece, Caroline Joy, on January 13, 2018, and “No One Like You" was written in her honor. And shortly after O&K put together some of the tunes for this album, Olivia and her husband found out they are welcoming a little one in late May of 2019. Sharing these songs with other families while growing their own makes this album especially humbling for both Olivia and Karla. It is a love letter, a serenade to this new season of life they find themselves in, and a gift to little ones everywhere.


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To press play on Have Yourself an OK Christmas is to flip through an audible family photo book, reliving a past that never sounded quite like this, at once warmly familiar and jovially unexpected. It is to step outside into the pristine Minnesota snow, breathe in the gentle scent of the pines around you, ignore the squirrels fighting mere feet away, and fondly course through a mental slideshow of holidays past. It’s the same footage you’ve watched and re-watched, though you reflect on all of it a bit differently now.

When you open your eyes, the pines are larger than they were years ago. But they're exactly where you left them.

- Aaron Rosell


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Following their widely successful debut album, Water Street (2014), The OK Factor releases their evocative new album, That’s Enough of That. Crafted with a local perspective and a focus on deepening their Minneapolis roots, the record was produced by Steve Kaul (The Brass Kings). The album features eight brand-new originals, including the duo’s first ever song with vocals and lyrics, featuring guitar and background vocals by Prairie Home Companion’s frequent performer, Ellis Delaney. With this record, The OK Factor says "that's enough" to the uncertainties that used to hold them back, fully embracing their music and the adventures ahead. 


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Amid the seemingly quiet town of Decorah, Iowa, where many in the community know each other by name, there is a street which embodies the town’s true colors: a vibrant and thriving community with a love and support for small business and local arts. Water Street hosts a unique downtown strip which brings this small town to life, opening up substantial possibilities and opportunities for those who seek them. It was there that the love and support of the community overwhelmed Olivia and Karla, and emboldened them to pursue their music. Water Street is a culmination of the time they have spent thus far as The OK Factor. It holds the recordings of some of their favorite, early compositions and arrangements, and they hope it brings you as much joy as it brought them to create it.